The Piglet and The Cheesecake

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Today was no easy feat, it was a day of prep for a busy weekend of weddings which involved a lot of organisation and lifting heavy furniture.  It was DIFFICULT as I found myself having dizzy spells and felt lightheaded.  It didn’t help that I have an oncoming cold, and a sore throat.  Thank goodness for my colleague Kim for being awesome-sauce!

This was my body’s way of saying, “rest, you do too much!”

Against my better judgement, the stubborn Taurean in me persisted through a WOD yesterday.  My husband had already given me the “go home” spiel, but I wasn’t having any of it.  I didn’t want to miss out on 1 RM week.  That was a stupid decision.

So here I am now, on the couch, feeling sorry for myself for something that was completely preventable.  Sometimes, I just need to learn how to listen to my body and say no….

Whole 30 - Round 2!!


I’ve embarked on another Whole30 journey, and I’m into my 7th day of clean eating!

I won’t lie - it’s much harder the second time around as my husband isn’t doing it with me.  But, I’ve made it so far!! To top it all off, I’ve hit 2 PB’s and it isn’t even the end of the week!

  • 40 kg snatch
  • 55 kg squat clean

We’re doing squats tonight and last PB was 85 kilos, I’d be happy to hit 90 kgs!  I’d like to think it’s all because of Whole30 ;o)  Stay tuned for recipes I love during this process!

Life as a Wedding Planner and Stylist

Working in the business of weddings was a dream that I’ve always had since I first walked down the aisle to my husband.  It was the one thing I had planned from start to finish that gave me utter fulfillment! 

Jason and I got married twice, first in the Gold Coast, and secondly in Manila.  Both times we cried, both times I loved every single aspect, including the planning!  I would have never been able to do it without the help of my mom and wedding planner! Looking back on these photos make me wish I can re-live it all over again!


Photos by Nelwin Uy

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2013 - A Year in Review

Wow! I can’t believe that 2013 has come and gone so quickly.  Time escapes me!  How I wish we could bottle up moments in time and hang them up on a hundred year old tree to pull them down occasionally, to jump back into that moment and relive it once again.  Oh if only!



I’ve decided to go back to blogging, as it has always been a form of escape and release.  The year that has gone has definitely been a time of realisation.  As I sat on my reading chair yesterday afternoon, I went through every month on my schedule diary and every blog entry from 2013. There is definitely SO MUCH to be thankful for!

I also surprised myself, I’ve accomplished everything that I have set out to do on my goal list.  When I first wrote them down, I always thought that there was no way I was going to get through that very long list.  But low and behold, without even thinking of it - here I am, surprising myself. 

January and February were months of health and fitness, I joined a bootcamp in the hope of kicking my derriere back into gear!  An ex professional ballerina turned fitness goddess helped me gain my confidence back!  For that, I am forever thankful!  My husband and I also trialed the Paleo lifestyle.  We can now firmly say that this stuff works!  It may not be for everyone, but it most certainly is for us! This has given me the knowledge to be more aware about the quality of food that goes into my body.  For the first time in this lifetime, my fridge is empty at the end of every week, with close to zero wastage; and we feel great!


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Happy Mothers Day to my GORGEOUS mum @mariepazg and lola. Thank you mom for being awesome in every way possible. Missing you on this special day. Love you xoxo 😘

Happy Mothers Day to my GORGEOUS mum @mariepazg and lola. Thank you mom for being awesome in every way possible. Missing you on this special day. Love you xoxo 😘

May Feature: Jojo Carmody of CrossFit Barrier Reef


Mario Novak hit the nail on its head when he uttered those words.  Like a lot of women, I was wanting to do something different, something challenging, and something to be proud of.  Then I thought, the best investment to make is an investment on myself. 

When I first heard of CrossFit, it was from several different Facebook status updates, YouTube videos and countless online articles.  One word came to mind - intimidating.  It took me over a year to finally take the leap and send an email to CrossFit Barrier Reef, inquiring about how to get started and if any of my past injuries would hinder me from doing so.  I got a reply, and all systems were a go!  It was there that I met Coach Jojo Carmody.  She, and her partner Coach Tim Holdsworth are the founders of CrossFit Barrier Reef.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about CrossFit, especially for women.  Numerous interviews and articles have been published online on how to improve an individual’s range of motion, flexibility, and whatnot’s.  Not enough has been said about how to get started, and how Crossfit is really suitable for anyone, at any age, or fitness level.  Coach Jojo takes us on a bit of a journey on how it all began and how you can take that leap - and try to do something remarkable…


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A Perfect Life?

I  came across a beautiful quote by Aristotle today that resonated with me….


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of both highs and lows.  I haven’t had much of an opportunity to blog, as my inspiration and motivation took a blow.  In saying that however, last weekend has reopened my eyes to be thankful for today, and relinquish my negative thought process.  Just like you, I’m still learning (everyday) to be stronger, braver and smarter.  Instead of putting the things that I love to a halt, I am committed to embracing them even tighter in times of uncertainty.  Life in general is a constant strive to be better than what we were yesterday.  In my eyes, there is no such thing as a “perfect life,” because the day you settle for what you may think is “perfect,” is the day you stop trying to be better than what you were yesterday.  So in times of uncertainty, worry, stress, or heartache I have always stood by….

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